The Great Pivot

So many times in my past, I’ve focused on what’s next to achieve. I’m not sure I ever took a moment to appreciate what I already had achieved. What is the next award, the next hire, the next growth move, the next trip to take, the next, the next, the next? I’ll tell you, in 2018, I turned a corner. I’m a natural goal setter, so thinking about the next thing is fun for me and it keeps me focused. I’m naturally disciplined and driven, with a BIG side of whimsy. My sense of adventure has to find a foothold in the mix. I’m equal parts strategy and creativity.

Shortly after setting my vision, I began to get to work on the next thing—The Great Pivot. This time, I was deliberate in why I wanted to pivot. After my divorce, it had become increasingly difficult to manage the kids, the house, the bills, or social life; let alone my own health, goals, and plans for the future. I had to do something to find balance, and myself, again.

I thought a lot about the word creation, and I remember harboring a weighted feeling about time, almost a hurriedness. I felt I had to accomplish so much to be happy with what my life means. Poppycosh. I became overwhelmed fairly quickly. I’m not sure what it was, but I felt I was running out of time to create the me I wanted to see. I had to find a better pace, and catch my breath. I’d been running so hard and fast to simply survive through the change in my life, I had nearly lost myself in the process.

Through universal grace, one of my clients who is a performance coach, taught me a lot about what was really holding me back from moving forward, beyond a “safe” job. As I promised in my first post, this story will build and I’ll tell you more about what got me to The Great Pivot point. In the near future, I’ll also talk more about this very special client, who is now a powerful strategic partner, Monica Coleman of Inside Information Coaching. She taught me that I am limitless. I am grateful for the job I had at the time and I fondly call that time of my life, “Appreciating the Pause” (likely another blog post all on its own). 

The two biggest factors holding me back were the loud voice from someone closest to me who said, “You’ll never succeed. Why can’t you just admit you are a failure?” (This was said after I sold and walked away from my four businesses to save my marriage—definitely a blog post to come.) That voice. Booming, still, in my heart and head, can take absolutely everything I have to overcome. Even now, it takes my breath away and makes my feet want to stay cemented to the floor. So, I not only had 1.) The fear of failure, but I had 2.) the fear of judgment. I knew I had to leave my current circumstances because it wasn’t working. I couldn’t be available for my kids like I needed to be, I was limited as to my professional growth, and I wasn’t feeling supported in the organization the way I knew I needed in order to thrive. But, the nagging and looming worry was “What will everyone think if I quit my job and start a new venture? Will they understand?”

What I began to realize is that others’ limiting beliefs were not my own. I knew what I was capable of accomplishing and I now had a very clear vision of what my life could look like. I also knew the practicality of what I needed to become in order to be happy; which equated to being more present and available for my kids, writing and traveling more, and finding place (making the house a home, settling into my new normal, and truly owning my journey—and trusting that this was how it was truly supposed to be). I needed so desperately to find my place in the world again. 

Monica’s Limitless methodology became a 10-week course, which I really enjoyed helping her to bring to market and facilitate. (2020 will bring SIX courses! Because, well, we’re Limitless!) In the process, I followed right along and built my plan of action. We examined ego, judgment, goal setting, energy, and so many other important life factors that can either hold us back or fuel us, both personally and professionally. I dug deep into furthering my vision and focusing on what was possible, not what was limiting. 

Remember, it was in January 2018 that I wrote my vision. That February, I sat at a bar in Chicago with my beautiful friend, Megan Wessels of Powerful Partners, trying to think up the name of my company. In five minutes I was able to articulate my passion for all things French and that I was focused on not only finding my True North, but helping my clients do the same. Le Vrai Nord LLC was born! Megan sat with me the next morning over coffee while I purchased my business license and domain names. Confirmation emails would sit in my inbox for a few months while I got organized. But, the momentum was there. Monica called me out of the blue just a month later to see if I was interested in helping her build her business, her true north.

The orb of possibilities was opening up. A strong energy was pulling and pushing me gently with equal force. It was an effortless flow, when I stayed positive and believed in myself. Sounds too fluffy? Try it. I triple dog dare you (with the most positive intentions). Try to ignore judgment, fitting in, competition, and all the outside distractions. Try for one day to focus on your own possibilities. Be your own community. 

At the time, even amongst the busyness of running the kids around and my current job, I was able to feel enlightened and focused. The dread was lifting. I am a naturally optimistic person, but I had been feeling so resentful, and perhaps even victim, of my circumstances for quite a while. I smiled on the outside. As I mentioned, I have a lot of self-discipline. No one will ever know how many nights I cried myself to sleep, how I lifted my lead-weighted legs out of bed, how I showered to try to cleanse my spirit for a fresh start every day for two years. And, I still gave it my all. I had to feel my way through it all. That day in January (that day I wrote my vision) was the point at which I realized (and truly believed) that I GET TO create a new life. 

After all, creation by pure definition is about bringing something into existence. I urge you to find a good pace for yourself and give yourself grace. And, create as only you can. Focus on your God-given talents and your joys. Envision your life. Build it. Walk towards it. No judgment. No Limits. Don’t forget to appreciate where you’ve been. I firmly believe the greatest innovations come from times of strife, change, and challenges. Push yourself. Believe in yourself. 

Believe it. See it. Life is a labyrinth. You know there is a way through it, but if you don’t believe it’s there, you won’t keep going in order to find it. And, when you find your way out, you’re going to feel incredibly accomplished. Pause at every corner. Appreciate every turn. Look back if you need a reminder of where you’ve been. Then, keep moving forward.

Pivot. Because, you absolutely can. At any time.