Since 1993

Your entrepreneurial partner.

We've all heard it's lonely at the top. With a focus on operations and marketing, I aim to create effective systems, engaging cultures, and vibrant communications for small to medium enterprises.

  • Looking for a partner without the legal and financial commitment?
  • Are you a leader who believes in people as your greatest asset?
  • Do you have or desire to have a vision for your company (and yourself)?
  • Are you ready to take your own position to the next level?
  • Do you believe a brand is more than a logo? (Hint: I do!)

Whether I'm augmenting or leading a team, my experience and enthusiasm for building a healthy business ecosystem helps entrepreneurs focus on what they love to do. Perhaps you're feeling you want to increase your staff or reach further with marketing to grow your business. Whatever the case may be, my own entrepreneurial experience has taught me to first have the right people on the bus. From technology and systems to identifying impacts on finances, I'm passionate about marketing because I believe it affects everything from culture through customer experience. Even a friendly phone greeting helps support a good brand.

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